RSG Group

Web page design for global group of companies operating in the fitness, nutrition and beauty field. The RSG Group web site was a task to create innovative and simple design which can serve as showcase for all the brands part of the RSG Group. Diving the page in two functional sides by using human brain as metaphor of the Left Brain Side- organised and Right Brain Side- creative. Using three dimensionality in the landing page opening video was decided after few other ideas were rejected. We wanted to add short opening film, which would lead the viewer through the main brain sides and projects. The film serves as navigation through the functionality of the web site.
Having to split the wire frame in two was complicated process of functionality decisions to be made. We were aiming for grey scale background and saturated in colour right side. The Footer would become the main navigator, serving as orientation on which side the user is. We developed simple template structure for the ordinary pages, which the client could use to develop further. The RSG Group page was complex task, which was designed to evolve, while bringing joyful user experience.
Nerd Communications GmbH, Berlin