In 2012 I wrote lyrics in broken Finnish for music composed by Anton Newcombe. He and his band The Brian Jonestown Massacre invited me to sing in front of their large audience in Columbiahalle, Berlin. The experience was life changing, like someone pushed me off the cliff. The power of live performance and the energy gathered from the audience was like massive birth of new feeling. I also had the pleasure to join them on stage in Helsinki, Finland. This was their first show in the country and I was honoured to be part of it. These moments have left me with great memories of course, but even more so I am content to have had the possibility to explore the fluidity of music and song as art medium. The song is about being “in the land of my enemy”. How we all are after all aliens within our own governmental borders. If you cross the border you are automatically an alien.

I did not want to write any perfect poem or use something ready written from the great Finnish literature. I was inspired by Kalevala and Moomin books. Perhaps at the time I wrote it, while listening to the sound I was dreaming of the last day on earth and how to prevent it. The thought that we all as humans have same needs of food, sleep, creation and safety created the words. The meaning is hard to translate, but they form picture of seed, boat, awakening, white forest and scared bunny rabbit. Everyone is welcome to interpret them as desired. Anton and his band make music for the people and they are considered as the psychic messengers of my generation. They fight against dogma and the occupying imprisonment of the governments. We believe in future without borders, without weapons of mass destruction and in sustainable symbiosis with our nature and the animal kingdom.