The Amalgamated Exhibition


Karmasalo & Kataja
2 – 14 March 2017
Creat Space, Helsinki, Finland

In 2017 Karmasalo & Kataja customized three wedding dresses for their exhibition at Creat Space, Helsinki. The Amalgamated Exhibition consisted deuteronomic code inspired occultations with collages, drawings and wedding dresses.  The dresses are available with price upon request. Currently they are residing Berlin and collaborating on upcoming art projects.

Miss- T
Dress size 34, dyed polyester, ornamented with glass, mirror, ostrich feathers,
fake fur, fake gold chains, wood, metallic spandex and sprayed paint

Knight Rider
Dress size 36, dyed polyester, stitched and ornamented with glass, pearls, feathers, rabbit fur, Moroccan dagger, silver chains, velvet encrusted paletes, Prussian army helmet replica, 200 crystals and LED light sequence.

Dress size 36, dyed polyester lace, stitched with pearls, sequins, metal thread application, lace, iron figure, studded leather bottle shaped bag, laced cone hat covered with ready made shawl with sequins.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the friends who support us in the process: Jason Morrow, Janne Flinkillä, Jasu SalmiCreat Space Team and of course everyone who came to our exhibition and the ones who became owners of my work.


Photo by @Nauska, Berlin 2014