The Totem Exhibition


I was invited to create my personal totem from the group exhibition Totem, BERLINBLUE art Gallery, 2018, Berlin. The group also shared thirteen work pieces, which eventually became separate Totems. Each Totem piece was exchanged between the members and documented after each member contribution. This photographic documentation stages show the transformation of each Totem, while exposing the creative input of the artist involved. Throughout the process many works were demolished and reconstructed. They took radical shapes to eventually become singular Totems.

My personal Totem work was a mixture of complex feelings, which were attributed to certain animals. In Mexico, the animal totems are divided into groups such as visionary, protective, predatory etc. In humanity, some of us become victims and other predators, it is like Life’s game. Should this be so? We all dream of higher means and have hopes through the heart connection. Are we higher spirited creatures, which should be above this cruel animalistic game? Should our aim for equal distribution of all the earthly goods, be our primary motive in coexistence? Why can’t we cherish together all the sweetness and saltiness of this space? This kinds of questions were inspiring the process of my contribution to the exhibition. I begun with found objects. One was worn off cow skull found in Bulgarian village. The second part came clear after I discovered thick branches standing together. They presented for me the power of “Together we are stronger” and our tree roots.

This eternal power play of opposites is the very structure of our realms. Our strength is in excepting the differences we have and combining them in branched force. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even if you want to. The Universe always falls in love with stubborn HEART. In my visions, I see our molecular terrestrial structure, which calls us for recognizing the unity of all. My spirit knows, that one can shift the paradigm of self realization and become any animal, stone or plant as desired. Our energy vibration can reconstruct our Prima Materia.

We are the gods that are part of all… and all is part of us. We give value and meanings to things. We are the creators of our hopes and dreams. What unites us is our true FAITH, given at birth… before the church, the family or the society. This faith is in the spirit of all that connects us to the stars, to our ancestor tree blood stream, from which we can drink the golden wisdom. One HEART. No man is greater than other. By eating the animal, you become one with its spirit. Feeding the soil with love and care, shall reward us with sweet fruits and grain. Tonight I shall cherish all this spectrum of primary earthly celestial characters. Come join us sparrows, foxes, rats and minks. Lets drink ambrosia and burn out bright. Thank you all who supported me through this shape-shifting process, you know who you are and apology to anyone hurt in the process.