Welcome to Dreamland

Art holds fast when all else is lost. ~German Proverb


I wanted to display this cosmic theatre in detail, because it is composed from all the elements, which capture a state of blissfulness. The symbiosis of nature, cosmos, humanism, mysticism, a rich complexity of shape and colour what I honour. It is like translation of a song and dance on paper. For me this variety creates abundance in life. I do see things through their movement of cause and effect. Like invisible strings that connect all living matter. Following the butterfly birth through the process of her four transformations and short lived, but exuberant life. This transitional sequence inspires my momentum for creation.


We are too much framed and conditioned through our daily rituals that sometimes we need to stop and observe the cycle of things. From the birth of an idea to her death in completion. For me no art should be prefect, but more of analysis of certain condition and its stages of evolvement. We cannot capture breath. But breath creates life. We can give it physical description, just like energy, but it remains invisible force. The invisible intrigues me, just like the dark matter. The contraction, like contradiction of the opposites creates balance through certain amount of struggle. There is perfection only through this phases of struggle and release.


Breath is the most exciting pendulum of life force that belongs to our existence. Only if we could be more aware of it, we might discover the fragility of our existence. The symbiosis with nature and the grand play of the universal cosmic energies, which play with our lives. If the talented of being designer is expressed through repetition, then artist’s greatest value I think is the simple need to express his own feeling. The context here is not narrowed by functionality. This creates the freedom for everyone to be an artist. Creativity is the right side of our brains pulsating messages in need of visual explosion. While we live in very pragmatic and left-brain organised system, this creativity could be very much experienced as a form of freedom. Just being without judgment.