Design & Layout




Since young age reading has been my passion. When I became book designer, one of my dream to be involved with books became reality. I have designed over 300 book layouts and covers. Receiving feedback from passionate book lovers and authors, is one of the most pleasant feeling as designer. Knowing that my work will end on house shelfs and libraries is rewarding momentum from my work as designer. Focusing between letters and comas, photographing and scribbling collages and illustrations, from the book designer’s hands the symbols language is transferred for the eye.

This is my most recent book design for the Finnish publisher Förbeat. The book “Mods and Rockers from Turku” was printed in 2018 and sold out very soon after. The book received great accolades by the public and the Finnish media. There was great pleasure selecting through the images, which presented cultures that inspired me as teenager. The wild ones are always going to be the spirit I have special place for in my heart. There is upcoming edition of the book in coffee table size with larger images and translation in english for the wider audience.