My Rhythm



We have both principles inside of us: masculine (YANG) and feminine (YING). You may already have insights about this on a conceptual level, or even feel the different aspects alive inside of you. As this is a whole topic on its own, for this booklet, we will just treat the YANG as an active notion and the YING as a passive notion. If you practice Yoga, you have already experienced the opposing forces: contracting and releasing. What I refer to as “passive” is not the absence of something, but a particular state.

You perhaps have an idea on which moment of the moon you already benefit from and which you are not available/ resisting from. In order to determine this, your upcoming tracking and awareness of your cycle will reveal to you, where you can change perspective or learn. In which principle you feel more at home? Is it the letting go and receiving or the putting to action that you prefer? What is more difficult for you: Giving or receiving? Listening or speaking?

This booklet is an invitation to your own exploration. I do not want to charge you with a level of facts as what I offer here is the unknown place to discover. The best mind-set to start of this journey, is one of a curious child. The seen benefits are: development of self-trust and confidence: reduction of unnecessary stress: evolution of the relation with their inner presence/ spirit: a clearer sense of direction and achievement of goals. May this booklet initiate you into a perspective of abundance out of ease and playfulness. May you find your own rhythm and flower in sustainable ways. Enjoy this exploration. Be welcome to the ones in the glow of the moon.

Words by: Clara Dorothee Hahn. Moon cycle drawing by: Nina Wesely. Art and layout by: Eliza Karmasalo. This work was created in Germany, 2018. You can download the whole Moon Journal in here.

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