Behind the Mustache


Memories back from year 2008, when I curated an exhibition together with my art group the Eva Brownies. “Behind the Mustache” was the masculine answer to the women’s exhibition “Behind the Mascara” we curated in 2007.

The “Behind the Mustache” exhibition involved twenty young generation of male artists from Finland and Sweden. The exhibition presented contemporary art inspired by love and glamour, metal, toys and adventures that exudes black humor, psychedelic shades and concern for our environment.

The exhibition took place at Valssaamo Galleria, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland between 7th of March to the 30th of March, 2008.

The exhibition was supported by Good Pie Backery, Laitilan Kukko, Like Publishing Ltd, Finnish State Art Commission, Central Committee for the Arts in Finland, Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation.

And the legendary after party included performances by Plain Ride, Suohumala, Karoshi Lovers and my punk band Main Stream. I am forever grateful for all the love, care and support by everyone involved.

Artist list:

Jiri Geller, s. 1970, sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
Alvar Gullichsen, s. 1961, painter, musician, Helsinki, Finland
Tommi Hämäläinen, s. 1974, artist, Helsinki, Finland
Tex Hänninen, s. 1968, graphic designer, cartoonist, Helsinki, Finland
Matti Kalkamo, s. 1968, sculptor, Tampere, Finland
Sakari Kannosto, s. 1973, sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
Jussi Karppanen, s. 1975, artist, tinsmith, Toivakka, Finland
Anssi Kasitonni, s. 1978, artist, Sahalahti, Finland
Jouko Korkeasaari, s. 1971, artist, Jyväskylä, Finland
Marcus Mårtenson, s. 1973, artist, Stockholm, Sweden
Nauska, s. 1965, photographer, Helsinki, Finland
Mikael Neiberg, s. 1972, artist, Helsinki, Finland
Mikko Neirala, s. 1976, artist, Helsinki, Finland
Klaus Nyqvist, s. 1976, artist, VJ, Helsinki, Finland
Panu Puolakka, s. 1972, artist, decorator, Lahti, Finland
Antti Silvekoski, s. 1973, artist, Helsinki, Finland
Kalle Taivainen, s. 1973, artist, metal artisan, Turku, Finland
Jani Tolin, s. 1974, graphic designer, artist, Helsinki, Finland
Janne Westerlund, s. 1973, artist, musician, Helsinki, Finland
Tuomas Vohlonen, s. 1974, artist, Helsinki, Finland

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