Golden Fish


As a member of the Finnish art collective “Eva Brownies”, I presented a short documentary film “Golden Fish”, which was edited from the material filmed in Svolvaær, Lofoten, Norway in September 2007. In a nutshell it is a story about what people are wishing for: love, peace and raining cola. In the end we burned real golden fish!

This film was part of the project “Souvenirs”, which involved artist groups from the Scandinavian region. “Eva Brownies” introduced the Finnish culture in a pavilion, which was located in the middle of Svolvaær. They offered traditional rye bread snacks with herring cream topping and some beverages. Finnish music hits were played, luring the passing by locals to take part in prepared burning barrel. The flaming oil barrel connects the Finnish heritage with the Norwegian oil production. Using the local help and resources, the Finns were able to start nice fire and everyone was making their offering to the “Norse Gods”. Wishes were cast and ritualistically burned.

The “Souvenirs” study was about the cultural identities and heritage of the Nordic countries and their expression and values through the souvenir production. Is Santa really from Finland? Are the Sámi people always drunk? Why death metal music is so popular in Norway? The art collectives were questioning the boarders, the myths and collecting resources on this matters. As a result there were several workshops, exhibitions and documentations made in Sweden, Finland and Norway. “Souvenirs” was organized by S-U-B, Sweden, in cooperation with Gallery S12, Bergen and Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Lofoten, Norway.

Camera: Eliza Karmasalo
Editing: Sasha Silvala and Eva Brownies
With support from Karoliina Taipale, Benjamin Slotterøy, Sakke Soini and The Nordic Cultural Point.
Music: Suohumala, Possession of Sweet Spirits, 2007
Many thanks and gratitude to everyone else involved.

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